Creative Customization: Interchanging Ornaments

Did you know that you can switch ornaments on most Husar frames? Add a personal touch by changing the corner, center, front or back ornaments of a particular pattern. Go on, be creative!

Example: 2525 with standard ornament vs. 2525 with ornament from 2572


Creative Customization: Tooling

Tooling is the process of hand chiseling multiple, short grooves into the face of the moulding. It creates a textured appearance that provides definition to a frame edge or panel. To further customize a particular frame, consider adding tooling to a pattern that is usually untooled, leaving tooling off a pattern that is usually tooled, or varying the degree of tooling (light or heavy).

example: 1092 (tooled)

 example: 1113 (not tooled)

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